To learn how to find and modify a Family Playlist, please follow the instructions below. To learn how to build a Family Playlist from scratch, view our Build a Family Playlist article. 

1. In the Playlist Library, use the search tools to find a Family Playlist you would like to modify.

2. Once you have found the Family Playlist you would like to modify, select the Copy to Personal button to save it to your My Playlists page.

3. Click the Copy button to modify the playlist in the My Playlists section. 

4. Your personal copy of the Family Playlist will appear at the top of your My Playlists section. To edit an existing activity or assessment, click on the Edit button. 


5. To remove an activity from the playlist, click the X icon on the activity tile you wish to remove. 

6. To add an activity from the library, create a new activity, or a playlist note, click on the pencil icon and then select one of the three options. 

7. If you have multiple activities in a section and wish to reorder them, click the pencil icon and then select Reorder.

8. To edit any Instructions, Author Notes, Grade Levels, Subjects, Standards, or Keywords, select arrow and select the Edit Info option.

9. To share this playlist with another PowerMyLearning Connect teacher, click the Share URL option. 

10. To duplicate the playlist to create different versions of the same playlist, click the Duplicate option. 

11. To delete the playlist from your My Playlists section, select the Delete option.