This article is only relevant to classes created directly in PowerMyLearning Connect and not through Google Classroom Sync. To find more information about Google Classroom Sync classes, please view these articles

1. Provide your students with the 6-digit Class Code that is associated with your class. This can be found in your My Class Rosters page.

2. Students must be logged into their accounts in order to join your class. Once logged in, your students should click on the Classes tab. This will direct them to their My Assignments page.

3. If this is a student's first class, they will click the join your class link.

4. In the Join a Class menu, your students will enter your 6-digit Class Code and their first name and click Join Class.

5. If your student is already enrolled in other classes, they will enter your class code into the Join a Class field on the left side of the page.

6. Once your student clicks the Join Class button, they will see a confirmation appear on the screen.