PowerMyLearning Connect provides a rich set of tools to make grading student assessments, providing feedback, and reviewing grades as easy as possible.

From Standard Playlist Report educators can:  

  • View student submission status and grades for assigned playlist assessments.
  • Grade student submissions and provide feedback.
  • Manipulate and analyze student assessment data to drive instructional planning.
  • Export the Standard Playlist Report to an excel file (csv format). 

Standard Playlist Overview

In the Choose Report section, select the playlist report you would like to view. In the Select Class(es) section, choose the class you would like to run the report for. Once your Playlist and Class have been selected, click the Run Report button. 


2. Your Standard Playlist Report Overview will highlight pertinent information about the playlist you assigned to your class. On the left side of the report, you will find: 

  • Playlist Title
  • Playlist Assigned Date
  • # of Students Assigned the Playlist
  • # of assessments in the Playlist
  • Standards covered by the Playlist 
    • Please note that if a playlist has not been tagged with any common core standards, the Playlist Standards section will be blank.


3. On the Standard Playlist Overview tab, you can toggle between a Status Report and a Score Report. These reports provide color-coded charts that provide summaries of student activity and classroom trends. Both of these reports are exportable. Please note: If you have not assigned a playlist that includes an Assessment or a Playlist Task, you will not be able to run a Standard Playlist Report 

4. Overview - Assessment Status: See a high-level view of your students and see the submission status of their assignments. The Assignment Status pie chart displays the number of completed assignments, which assignments still need your review, and which assignments have yet to be submitted by your students.

5. Overview - Assessment Scores: View a class summary of a Playlist Total Scores, a detailed breakdown of the Total Playlist Points, and an interactive Assessment Mastery Threshold tool. 

6. Mastery Threshold: Drag the Mastery Threshold Tool to define the minimum score a student needs to achieve mastery for topics.
7. The pie chart will reflect these changes with color-coded sections. 
  • Green = Exceeds Mastery
  • Yellow = Meets Mastery
  • Red = Below Mastery
8. Export your Standard Playlist Report by clicking on the Export button. A csv file will begin downloading automatically.