A Playlist Task is an overarching open response question that your students answer while engaging with all activities in a playlist. Students should keep this task in mind as they complete the playlist, and provide their answer once they have completed all playlist activities and checkpoints.

To add or edit a Playlist Task to a playlist you are assigning to your students, please follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the My Playlists tab to view your saved playlists. 

2. To edit an existing playlist task, click on the name of the task.  

3. If your playlist does not have a playlist task, click on the Add a Playlist Task link located under the name of a playlist.

4. In the Prompt menu, you can add the Playlist Task Title and Prompt

5. Add a Rubric or Key for your reference, or you can choose to make it visible to your students.

6. Finally, you can enable scoring for your Playlist Task and choose how many points can be awarded for completion. 


7. In the Playlist Task Information menu, you can edit the Task Description for your reference, add Subjects, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, Grade Level(s), and any Sources you may have used in creating the task.


8. Once you are finished, click the Finish button to save your work. 


9. Once you have saved your Playlist Task you will receive a notification.