Watch the video above or follow the instructions below.

To assign a playlist to your students, it must first be saved to you My Playlists page. Only students who have joined your class can be assigned a playlist. (See Save a Playlist article for more information)
Locate the Playlist You Wish to Assign

1. Go to the My Playlists section and locate the playlist you want to assign to your students.

2. Click on the Assign button

Assigning the Playlist

In the Create New Assignment section, you can choose to assign this playlist to an entire class, or to individual students.

3. To assign a playlist to an entire class: Select the box to the left of the class name. This will assign the playlist to all students that are enrolled in that class.

4. To assign a playlist to individual students: Click the arrow to the left of the class name to view all students enrolled in this class and select the box to the left of each student you would like to assign the playlist to.

5. The Selected Students section will indicate who has been assigned this playlist.

In this section, you can remove classes/students from an assigned playlist by clicking on the X icon to the left of their name.

6. You can select an optional due date for your assignment to help students prioritize their work.

7. Click on the Assign button to assign your playlist to the selected classes or students. Your students will be notified of this assigned playlist on their Dashboard.