Follow the instructions below to reset a password for a student who is enrolled in your class.

1. If a student in one of your classes has forgotten their password, you are able to reset it for them. Go to your Class Rosters page by selecting the Classes tab at the top of your page.

2. Click on the class tile to view your student roster.

3. Find the student who needs their password reset, select the arrow next to their name and click the Reset Student Password button.  

4. A pop-up will appear that will confirm you would like to reset your student password. Select Reset Password.


5. A new pop-up will appear that will provide the student's temporary password. In this case, the temporary password is pmlrocks2. Provide this to your student.

6. Once you have provided your student with their temporary password, they will use this to log into their account from the PowerMyLearning Connect homepage.

7. After logging in, they will be prompted to reset their password. After entering their new password twice, they will select the Reset Password button. 


8. Once their password has been reset, they will receive a notification that they are ready to continue exploring PowerMyLearning Connect.